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Double Vision – Foreigner

Today I’ve been assigned Arena’s Rock favorite son, Foreigner, with their second album Double Vision (released 1978). It was an insanely popular album, ultimately selling seven million copies. Chances are, someone in your family owned this record, and is walking funny as a result of it.

Double Vision Cover

Yeah... not a terribly exciting cover.

Obviously, the big songs on this album are “Hot Blooded” and “Double Vision”. They’re the quintessential ‘cock rock’ songs. I’m quite fond of the latter actually. It has more energy that someone kicking you in the junk wearing boots made of Red Bull. If I were laying dead in my casket, I’d still be finding a way to hum that song through my cold lips.

But don’t be fooled: the album is not all ‘machismo’. Only the good songs. Just kidding. The non-single tracks range from ‘okay’ to ‘surprisingly good’ and sideways to ‘what the hell was that?’ I was particularly interested when hearing songs like “You’re All I Am” where every syllable in the chorus gets a crash cymbal. Or “Tramontane”, the instrumental track of the album that sounds like two synthesizes getting into a fist fight. I won’t make too much fun; I actually kind of dug it in a weird sort of way. And call me crazy, but I also enjoyed “I Have Waited So Long”, lame as it sounds.

Double Vision Record Label

Ha. I just noticed that the copy of my album was manufactured by Columbia House. Everytime I see one of these, I secretly wonder if this was part of the initial “X Albums for a Penny” offer or if it was sent to a member forcefully when they didn’t return their postcard in time.

Columbia House Text

Someone may have literally paid a fraction of a cent for this record.

See, how I got distracted? That was pretty much what happened the entire time I was listening to this album. It’s not a bad piece of work at all – and I’m sure there are plenty of arena rock fans who think I’m being hard on it – but it might serve my ears better as background music.


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