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“Sex as a Weapon” (Single) – Pat Benatar

I think I’m going to start designating Saturday as an unofficial ‘single day’. It’s so much easier to do a  two-song quickie instead of sitting inside with an entire album while everyone is outside playing. You know, rolling hoops with sticks, dancing around the Maypole, painting fences, etc. So here’s Pat Benatar with her 1985 single, “Sex As a Weapon”.

Sex As A Weapon Front Cover

The actual color of the text should be neon orange, but my scanner was all like "nuh-uh!"

Whenever you throw on one of Patricia Mae Andrzejewski’s records, you pretty know what you’re going to get. She doesn’t stray too much from formula. “Sex as a Weapon” (from her seventh album, Seven the Hard Way) is no exception. Guitar-driven rock-pop song with outstanding, powerful vocals: check. The song straddles dangerously close to ‘formulaic’ if it wasn’t for the chorus. You can head the aforementioned power in her voice really explode when she sings “You know you’re already my obsession, stop using sex as a weapon”. It makes it a heck of lot catchier and a lot less of a generic 80’s rock tune.

Sex As A Weapon Back Cover

I get this feeling in my gut that no one else except Pat could pull off “Sex as a Weapon”. With most any other artist at the wheel, I imagine it sounding dulling than dishwater is Delaware. Although it might be interesting if someone were to do a softer, country cover of this song. Perhaps Shania Twain.

Sex As A Weapon Label

The B-Side, “Red Vision” is somewhat decent but likely a throwaway track from the album. Remember how I said you know what you’re going to get with her records? Well here’s the exception. Come to think of it, so is one of her earlier hits, “We Belong”. Maybe this proves that I should stop making sweeping generalizations when I’ve heard maybe 5% of artist’s output.

Anyway, “Red Vision” opens with tribal drums that builds up into a lumpy bed of industrial sounds sprinkled with random bits of slashing guitars. Pat’s vocals still pack a punch, and as such saves it from being overly weird and unappealing.

This is the part where I’d summarize the record but I see my friends outside playing “Duck, Duck, Goose”. I have to get out there. I have money riding on the outcome.


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