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Break’s Over – Time to Listen to Some Vinyl (plus a mini-review of Bachelor Party OST)

Lying sad and dormant, “The Vinyl Listening Project” is just another blog that briefly exhibited signs of life before just abruptly dying in the internet’s dank gutters. The last bit of activity I could see on my dashboard was from September of 2011: a post covering my thorough listening of Journey’s Frontiers. Only two sentences were written, mostly about how grateful I was “Don’t Stop Believing” is not on this album. (A full-on rant on how that aforementioned, once-great song has been ruined by it’s recent rediscovery and over-saturation will be saved for the day I randomly pick Escape.)

Record Collection

My current record collection – and some other crap sharing real estate.

In my two-year absence, a lot has happened. First, I’ve been going to a lot more garage sales, thrift stores as well as a wider variety of record shops (even braving the lines for my first “Record Store Day” outing.) My collection has grown more intriguing and eclectic. I found Urgh! A Music War for a decent price and worth every penny if you ask me. Same thing goes for I.R.S. Greatest Hits Vol. 2 & 3 and 1993’s No Alternative (first time available on vinyl.) I’ve discovered some great sounds on genres I never thought to embrace (a little Bert Kaempfert never hurt anyone.) And then there’s those oddball records I found for literal pocket change purchased solely for that brief whiff of nostalgia’s aroma wafting off the likes of The Cabbage Patch Kids’ Cabbage Patch Dreams or the Captain Zoom birthday song flexi-disc.

Cabbage Patch Dreams

Eh, I suppose it deserves a fair shot at being paid a modicum of attention.

Secondly, I found that there was some activity brewing on the site. Comments started popping up and I began seeing people link to my page. Call me crazy, but it’s a little more encouraging to continue posting material when I know someone’s reading it.

So I decided that maybe it’s time to dust off the stylus and get back to having mini-listening parties with myself while sharing the thoughts brewing from the mind of this musical non-journalist. Perhaps I won’t force myself into a six-post-a-week schedule like I had previously attempted but I will stop pretending my little project never existed. So yes, the break’s over. It time to spend the upcoming weekend listening to some vinyl.

Bachelor Party OSTP.S. – I hate posting anything without at least adding commentary of a musical nature. So let me take this opportunity to sing the praises of what I thought would be a throwaway collection: the Bachelor Party OST. You have yourself some can’t-go-wrong songs such as “American Beat ’84” by the Fleshtones, “What Kind of Hell” by the Alarm and, of course, the catchy title track by Oingo Boingo. However, the standout here is “Little Demon” performed both on the album and in the actual film by future T.J. Hooker co-star Adrian Zmed. It’s terribly corny and perhaps even borderline unsettling. This man has as much business cutting a record as Happy Days’ very-own Anson Williams did when he gave the world the musical abomination known as “Deeply.” But, at the same time, this song contains just enough fun-filled ‘pep’ that even discriminating listeners would have to admit a smirk emerged while their eyes were rolling. Okay, it’s not a good song, try as I might to paint it with vague praise. But I have no issue filing that under ‘guilty pleasure’ while labeling many of the other tracks as ‘essential’ for any collection. If you see this at your local record vendor, pick it up with haste.


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