About the Photos

Part of the appeal of vinyl is the large 12.375 inch square artwork that not only protects the precious music but also draws you into the collection of songs with its design. And it’s not only the front cover; the back cover, inserts and even the occasional ‘vanity label’ carries with it a genuine charm that pulls that combination of sound and pictures together as a single gratifying experience.

While it would be easy to find cover images on the internet and plug those into my blog posts, I feel it to be more genuine to scan what I am actually holding in my hand to go along with the words. This includes oddities and defects as wells (ring wear, cut-outs, “Promo only” stamps, etc.) The only thing I’ll ‘touch-up’ (so to speak) is if the prior owner ‘personalized’ their possessions with their full name and/or address.

Typically, I’ll scan the jacket (and other pieces of interest) on a regular flat-bed scanner in four pieces, edit them together as best as possible and shrink down the complete image into a comfortable size for the internet while still keeping it large enough to get a decent view of the smaller details.

There have been a couple of occasions I have taken a photo of the cover rather than scan. I typically try to avoid this whenever possible as getting a straight picture with perfect light is much more time consuming than the above-mentioned scanning method.




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