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Frontiers – Journey

Radio-friendly, corporate rock icon, Journey, was riding atop a tidal wave of popularity off the back of their most successful album (Escape… or E5C4P3, if you prefer), finding themselves a legion of new fans, all of whom were waiting to hear what was in store for their follow-up. That follow-up, their eighth studio album, would be … Continue reading

Break’s Over – Time to Listen to Some Vinyl (plus a mini-review of Bachelor Party OST)

Lying sad and dormant, “The Vinyl Listening Project” is just another blog that briefly exhibited signs of life before just abruptly dying in the internet’s dank gutters. The last bit of activity I could see on my dashboard was from September of 2011: a post covering my thorough listening of Journey’s Frontiers. Only two sentences were … Continue reading

“Don’t Care” (Single) – Klark Kent

I don’t want to tell you too much about Klark Kent. He keeps his identity a strictly guarded secret. What I can tell you is that he’s the son of a CIA officer, brother of the founder of I.R.S. Records and an accomplished drummer for a band you may or may not have heard of. … Continue reading

The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars – David Bowie

When it comes to innovation and constant reinvention, no career can compare to that of David Bowie. For his fifth album, the (then) glam-rocker opted to tell the story of Ziggy Stardust in his 1972 concept album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. It’s an interesting concept that gave … Continue reading

Join Us – They Might Be Giants

Brooklyn-based duo, They Might Be Giants (John Linnell and John Flansburgh) have been at it since 1983, charming the ears of the alternative audeince (and now their young offspring) with witty pop songs laced with catchy hooks. Join Us, their 15th album (but really 11th if you disregard the kids albums and that MP3-only collection), … Continue reading

“Montana” (Single) – John Linnell

After 1996’s Factory Showroom, alternative pop duo They Might Be Giants left Elektra Records. For a few years, no new studio material was coming down the pipeline. Fans had to settle on the Johns’ solo projects. John Flansburgh took his guitar and formed Mono Puff, releasing two albums. Meanwhile, John Linnell turned a 5-song EP … Continue reading

Kings of the Wild Frontier – Adam and the Ants

Ah, good ole Adam Ant – the Prince of New Romanticism. His records got me through some of grunge’s more overbearing periods in the mid-90’s when I needed a break from the distortion and angst. Kings of the Wild Frontier, released in 1980, was the second and penultimate album by the UK New Wave/Post Punk … Continue reading

Harvest – Neil Young

As a solo artist, Neil Young released 33 studio albums since 1968. Yet the one everyone remembers is Harvest. Released in 1972, it was his fourth studio album. Critics hated it, particularly Rolling Stone, publishing a rather scathing review of the record. But the music fans loved it, eventually making it the best selling record of … Continue reading

“Emotional Rescue” (Single) – The Rolling Stones

In 1980, after two years of recording, The Rollings Stones put out their 15th (or 17th in the US) album, Emotional Rescue. Released alongside it was the single version of the title track. Although a solid song, it would prove to be polarizing. While some fans embraced it, others were not happy with the change … Continue reading

Meet The Beatles! (Mono) – The Beatles

Today we have Meet The Beatles! It’s the first American release of Beatles material, but no, not really, because Vee-Jay released Introducing…The Beatles! ten days earlier (with two different sets of tracks due to legal issues). And although Meet The Beatles!  is basically our version of their second UK album, With the Beatles, a handful of songs were omitted for … Continue reading

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