I’ll be honest. No one has actually asked these questions yet. But someday, someone just might. And I’ll be ready for them. So without further delay, here’s some questions to answer:

    • Why vinyl records? Why not MP3’s, CD’s, 8-Tracks, etc.?
      Music lovers have argued time and time again as to which format has superior sound: well cared vinyl on a quality player or a uncompressed CD. But that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that vinyl records offer a listening experience that is different than digital formats. Besides hearing natural analogue sound (not 1’s and 0’s) that many describe as “warmer”, you also have the accompanying sleeve artwork and any inserts, pictures and text that’s practically larger than life when comparing it to the smaller CD inserts, or the thumbnails that you may see when playing your MP3.Sure, it’s not as portable or convenient as other formats, but that’s because you aren’t meant to listen to records while jogging or commuting. You need to be relaxing in your favorite chair, perhaps with a cold beverage and an attentive ear, to fully appreciate all that vinyl has to offer.
    • What kind of equipment do you use to play to your records?
      Right now, I am listening to my records on a direct-drive Numark turntable with a standard stereo needle.  I purchased this over a regular turntable for its assortment of features and ease of hook-up – by which I mean it has a built-in preamp and can be connected to anything that has standard stereo RCA inputs (even a PC with a easily available adapter).
    • How come your track listing is different than mine?
      Unless otherwise noted, my records are the US pressings. Sometimes the track listings between my copy and one from overseas is different. There are other reasons as well. For example, subsequent pressings (or reissues) of the same album may shuffle, add, and even remove songs. If these variations are significant or the circumstances are interesting, I’ll try to make note of it in my post.
    • Where do you get your records?
      I bought many of them from record stores, flea markets, and the internet (particularly eBay and Amazon).   Then there’s many more that are donated to me because the owners don’t want to throw them away but have no use for them. Finally, I’ve gotten some from my neighbor’s garbage.  When our downstairs neighbor moved in, they didn’t know their upstairs neighbor would appreciate the hundreds of 70’s rock albums being put out as trash. I made sure it got a good home.
    • Would you be interested in buying my collection?
      It depends but probably not.  I always feel people who sell me their records are trying to get more money from them than I’m willing to spend. I get a lot of my used records for a dollar at thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets and they’re in surprisingly decent condition. Even the vinyl I’m getting for free is better than the stuff that used to cost me a few bucks.These days I’m only spending real money on newer albums, titles I am actively searching for or any records I know I won’t find easily.
    • Can I give you my unused records?
      I don’t mind free records as long as they are in playable condition with jacket and inner-sleeve (and yes, the jacket and record must be the same title for me to want it). Also, I’m not really looking for opera, classical, old 78’s, big band, easy listening, etc. I’m mostly in pop and rock music from the 60’s through today.Keep in mind: record’s are heavy. I cannot pay for shipping at this time so I may have to pass if sending me your collection involves shipping a heavy parcel across the country. Thanks anyway.
    • Do you take requests?
      As long as it’s something interesting I may dispense with the random-number system and do a request. The only requirement is that I have to have a copy on vinyl. If you really want me to hear a record, feel free to send me a copy of that record along with your request. I won’t turn it down.
    • Will you cover CD’s, MP3’s, Live Shows, etc.?
      I do post off-topic material sometimes, including my impression of a concert I went to or some interesting bit of music news. I won’t rule out occasionally covering a CD or some downloaded tracks if it’s something I really want to share.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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