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“Don’t Care” (Single) – Klark Kent

I don’t want to tell you too much about Klark Kent. He keeps his identity a strictly guarded secret. What I can tell you is that he’s the son of a CIA officer, brother of the founder of I.R.S. Records and an accomplished drummer for a band you may or may not have heard of.

Don't Care - Sleeve

Klark Kent didn’t put out too much material, but what he did offer to listeners was quite entertaining. Today we have what I think is his finest single: “Don’t Care”, released on 7″ in 1978 along with two other tracks, “Thrills” and “Office Girls”.

Don't Care Back Sleeve

“Don’t Care” shoots off like a starter pistol without warning and doesn’t let up for one second. It plays at breakneck speed, overflowing with amusing cockiness (“If you don’t like my arrogance, you can suck my socks!”) It serves as a great example of what it would sound like had punk existed in the 50’s. It’s loud and borderline¬†anarchistic, but tightly played. Musically, it’s also reminiscent of The Police for some reason.

All the same can be said about “Thrills”. Again, there’s that dash of Rockibilly kicking around among the frantic notes and melodies. It’s over before you ears can blink, giving you just enough Klark Kent to whet your appetite.

Don't Care Record

“Office Girls” is more laid back but still no slouch. Klark explores the wonderful world of dating in the workplace with that distinct sound for which he’s known. Short enough not to overstay its welcome, but catchy enough you’ll probably play it again anyhow.

We may never find out much about Klark Kent or why he sounds vaguely like Stewart Copeland. But at least he left behind some great late-70’s pop to enjoy while we continue to ponder that mystery.


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